I recently had the Energy Blanket installed in my house and witnessed significant improvements immediately.

The thermostat has always been set on 72 degrees and felt cool, now it feels like a warm and cozy 72 degrees. Everything in the house is warmer: closets (no cool rush of air when door is opened), furniture, and walls are warmer. Even the bed sheets are not ice cold, just a pleasant coolness.

The greatest difference I could see is in the heat pump operation. I am amazed at how much it DOES NOT RUN since installation. On/Off times are more than reversed. The pump stays Off more than it is On, a total reversal. My heat pump in the winter practically used to stay on all the time, now it is off most of the time and the house is very cozy. The energy cost savings should be significant since my heat pump runs only about one third of the time it used to, my wife is pleased !

WOW, this product is having a tremendous impact in our home.

A very satisfied customer,
— Cornell Murphy

We met with a representative from Green Energy Management Co last year regarding installing an energy blanket. The product was recommended by a co worker.

The presentation was factual but no pressure. After deciding to have the blanket installed the crew worked very diligently to accomplish installation in a short amount of time.

We are very satisfied with lower bills and more consistent level of comfort within our home and would highly recommend this product
— Stauders